Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Question Friday!

Mama M over at My Little Life host 5 question Friday every Friday. This week she has Kate hosting for her while she is on vacation. So go check them both out and link up!

1) What is the last thing you bought yourself?
   I finally broke down and bought myself some new makeup. I have been going without a lot of things because I hate spending money on myself because Little Miss is just so much more fun to buy for. I could not take it anymore and had to buy some new makeup though :)

2) What is your favorite meal on a cold winter day?
    I love my grandmas Vegetable soup.... better than any I have ever  tasted!!!

3) Have you started looking at swimsuits for this year, and do you buy a new one every year?
    Last year I did not swim at all because I felt like a beached whale. I got HUGE in my last months of pregnancy and the last thing I wanted to do was try to find a suit that fit. This year Little Miss and I are doing Mommy and tot swim lesson so I have to find a good one. I have not started looking yet, it scares me.

4) If you could be any candy what would you be and why?
   Definitely sour patch kids. I have a sweet side and a sour side. :)

5) What are you most passionate about?
     Definitely my family. I want to be the best wife and mother I could possibly be. I want Little Miss to grow up in a loving home never feeling like she has an angry family, or a family who does not love her. I NEVER ever want her or my husband to question my love for them. they are my heart and soul and my passion.

* Bonus Question: What is your favorite thing to pin on Pinterest?
   I love pinning photography ideas for Little Miss. Photography is my secret obsession.


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