Saturday, August 25, 2012

And she is back..

As summer is coming to a close, so is so of the craziness that it held. I have been missing from the blog world for quite sometimes due to a number of things this summer. We have been taking a lot of family time away from our gadgets. We recently bought a travel trailer (for a heck of a bargain!) and we have been enjoying our free time camping. Little Miss is in LOVE with being outdoors so this is the perfect activity for her.

Also, my mother had a little spell this summer that put her in the hospital for a few weeks and resulted with her having to move into my grandparents house.

All in all we have had a really good time, but I am ready to get back to blogging and look forward to sharing some of our crazy stories from the summer in some future post. Right now I will leave you with some pictures from the summer. Little Miss has grown like a WEED. She will be 1 in 5 DAYS! I still can not believe it. Well here you go:

(fun at the fair)

                                                              (swimming with the cousin)
                                                                  (Playing in the Sand)
                                                           (The zoo)

(Big girl)

                                                                          (First carosel ride)


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