Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where are you Spring?!?!

So much for the first week of spring. Last year at this time we were wearing shorts because it as already so hot. This year, this is what we have been doing:

Little Miss was happy to build her first snowman, but was ready to come in as soon as we were done. I can not wait for it to be warm enough to take her out and just let her run off all the energy this LONG winter has built up.

The weather has been a great big tease. We got a big snow a few weeks ago and the next day was around 55 degrees. We thought for sure that was it and it would be an uphill climb from then on. All of a sudden we were back in the 20's and getting ANOTHER snow storm. Once again the snow is melting just as quickly as it fell. The perfect type of weather to make you sick! I have my fingers crossed this is the end of winter, and I have a feeling Little Miss does too.


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