Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chicken Pox!

Ever since Little Miss was born I have stressed over her one year shots. The MMR scared me and I was unsure if the chicken pox vaccine was necessary. After much discussion with the husband, and research online, we decided to delay the shots until 14 months and go ahead with the chicken pox vaccine per the husbands wishes.

Now, a week after getting the shots we have CHICKEN POX! Oh the joy. Yes, it is a mild case, but would I have gotten her the shot if I knew this might happen?! NO!

This was yesterday when the bumps started showing up. They are pretty concentrated on her arm, neck, and a few on her legs. She has been in good spirits and does not act like she does not feel well. She is a little more tired than usual, but other than that she is doing great.

We decided to opt out of the flu shot for her, so I hope we made the right choice.


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