Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

We had a really GREAT weekend. It has been a while since we had a jammed packed weekend and had such a good time.

On Friday night we stayed in as a family and watched TV and just cuddled. These are seriously the moments I live for. We recently subscribed to Hulu Plus and we seem to really enjoy it. It is nice to be able to watch current shows. We love Netflix because it has great content for little miss, but we were kind of getting bogged down with the adult selection. We opted out of cable about a year ago and have been pretty happy with the selection on Netflix, but we were just ready for more.

Saturday, I took Little Miss trick or treating with her cousin at their campground. She had a BLAST. She walked up to every kid she saw to wave and say hi. I could barely keep up with the little munchkin. She got a bag full of candy and was ready to come home and eat it with daddy. She would grab a piece and make him open it so she could try it, just to grab another. She is such a junk food junkie already... NOT GOOD!

Sunday we had a great church service which saw 1 person saved, and 1 person requesting to join the church. Just awesome! We have  such a great pastor now. We have been in such a slump for such a long time it is great to finally have him. After the service we had a big pitch in dinner. My favorite place to eat is a pitch in dinner! Such a selection and such good food.
Now its Monday and back to laundry and mopping floors. :) Hope to have just as good of a weekend next week. 


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