Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Planning

Menu Planning has helped me out greatly at sticking to a grocery budget and not having to run back to the store a thousand times (except for milk) for ingredients I do not have. Here is what I have planned for our week.

MONDAY- Check E Cheese!! It is Little Miss's first time.

TUESDAY- Cheeseburgers, potato fries, mac and cheese

WEDNESDAY- Chicken Brunswick Stew This is a new recipe, hopefully it will be hearty and the husband will enjoy it.

THURSDAY- Chicken Fried Steak, baby carrots, mashed potatoes and country gravy

FRIDAY- Sweet and Sour Chicken, crab cheese angles  This recipe is to DIE for. It seriously is the best chicken I have ever had. My husband ask for it ALL the time.

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What are you having for dinner this week?


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