Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Question Friday Time! 2/1/31

WHAT?!?! It's February already?!?! Time is just flying by. Everyone always told me when I had kids this would happen but I never believed them. I remember being in high school and time seemed to DRAG. Now its like I blink and a year is gone.

Today I am linking up with My Little Life for 5 Question Friday. It is a fun way to end the week, so go link up!

1. What is your favorite book to read with your kids?
Definitely Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Little Miss Loves loves loves this book. She loves pointing to the hot fire, the moon, and when they talk about the old lady she says hush. It is so cute. We read it at least twice a day, and our poor book is starting to fall apart.

2. After having kids, what body part has changed the most?

I was actually very lucky after having Little Miss. My hips never spread during the pregnancy (which did make delivery hard) but I didn't have that big change to deal with. However, my poor belly will never be the same. With the thousands of stretch marks and flubber, it will never be post baby ever again.

3. Would you ever go back to college? What would you study?
Depending on what the mister and I decide about schooling for Little Miss and any future baby I plan to if they do not home school. I have almost finished my elementary education degree, so I would either finish that or start the track to nursing. Right now I am so blessed to have a husband who is a GREAT provider and allows me to stay home with my baby. I am glad I do not have to worry about going back anytime soon.

4. How do you close a phone call? Bye, bye bye or other? 
Usually with most everyone I say talk to you later, bye. With the Mister it is usually love you.

5. What is the one food that will always be your "cheat food" on a diet?
Hahaha. I couldn't stick to a diet if I tried, so everything is my cheat food. If I ever did have to stick to a diet I guess my cheat food would be little Debbie's. If I have Little Debbie's in the house, I have at least one a day. I'm a sucker for junk.

Now I am off to take Little Miss back to the doctor because I just do not think her ears are clearing up. We are on day 7 of 10 with her antibiotic and it seems like she is pulling at them more than ever. With the weekend coming up I want to try to get her pain under control. Wish us luck!


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