Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our first whole week of Tot School

We just finished up our first whole week of tot school (well with two days off thrown in there) We are still getting into the groove of making it work in our schedule everyday. Little Miss and I have been having a lot of fun.

We focused all week on farm animals. So of course we had to get out the Melissa &Dough Puzzles. I absolutely love their toys. I could spend a fortune on them.

She still has a hard time with puzzles so it is something I want to incorporate more so she can grasp what exactly she is supposed to do. She would rather just make the wooden animals make noise and walk on the floor.

I found this farm animal sounds video on Youtube and she absolutely loved it. She made me play it over and over and she would repeat every sound. Melts my heart.

We painted using her little people farm animals as manipulatives. ( I saw this on another  blog and don't have the link so I can not take credit.) She was a little confused as to why her animals were getting dirty but eventually had fun making them walk across the paper and seeing what they left behind.

Our dog also enjoyed watching her paint.
She made a woolly sheep with cotton. I cover the paper plate in cotton then let her go to town. She started putting them on one by one, but soon realized she could grab handfuls and smash them on. She usually does not enjoy gluing crafts, but she really got into this one.
We had a few days where we got swamped with errands and story time classes so we slacked off a little. We made Daddy get into the action one night when he was home so Mommy could finish dinner. They used the little pill things that pop out sponges. I thought these were an instant type deal but my memory served me wrong. She still had a lot of fun with it.
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This week we will be finishing up the farm animal theme activities I had planned for last week and hopefully starting the color red.

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