Monday, November 21, 2011

God Gave us You

As a mom to be I am already on the prowl for good children's books for little miss Heidy. I have found it rather difficult to find good quality children's books, especially christian children's books. I want more than anything for my daughter to grow up knowing and loving the lord, so I want to help the process in every way possible.

I recently was given the awesome opportunity to review the book God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren.

God Gave Us You is a story about a young polar bear cub who ask hes mother the dreaded question: "Mama, where did I come from?" The mother bear answers graciously and honestly, "From God." She goes on to explain to the young cub how she and Papa had wanted a baby. She tells how the cub grew inside of her. She talks with the cub about the entire pregnancy. She talks of the happiness her and Papa shared waiting on the cubs arrival. She answers many of the cubs questions with, "because God gave us you."

I was totally taken over the part in the story where Mama tells how she prayed for her unborn cub each night. She prayed for her health, but most of all she prayed that someday the cub would love God.

This will definitely be a story that gets read in our household many nights.I love feeling the connection between us when I talk and read with her, even though she is still little she loves being read to.
I would recommend this book to anyone expecting or who already has small children. It is a perfect bedtime story. One that will be cherished in our house for many years to come


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