Monday, November 28, 2011

Nativity Bear

Recently my husband and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to look for Christmas decorations. While browsing around I took Little miss over to the singing animals to play.  After listening to a couple of singing dogs I saw a big fluffy bear, so we took him off the shelf to see what he would do. I was very very surprised. I pushed his hand and low and behold he started telling the Christmas story. He tells the whole story is a cute little bear voice. The story last for a couple minutes, which really surprised me. I couldn’t resist, I had to buy him.

I am very glad I did. Little Miss loves hugging and chewing on him while he tells her the story of Jesus’ birth.  I want her growing up knowing and loving the lord. This bear is a very precious gift to her that I hope she cherishes and possibly passes down to her children.

I would definitely recommend any Christian parent pick this Nativity bear up at their local Hobby Lobby this holiday season.


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