Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Crazy About My Baybah

I LOVE Pinterest. It has so much great stuff that I could look for hours and hours. Honestly I try to only get on when I have a lot of time to look otherwise it will take me away from my much needed daily chores.

The weather has been warming up and that puts me in the mood for thinking about summer fun. Here are some really neat summer toys I have found:

who wouldn't have tons of fun just looking at this thing?!?!?

Holy moly I would be in HEAVEN!

Source: obaz.com via Kendra on Pinterest

This looks like a blast.

Definitly getting something like this!

I can not wait for the summer. My little one will be so much fun to take outside all the time. Her daddy has already bought a ton to turn our yard into a wonderland for her. It is going to be like the neighborhood park when he is done.


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