Monday, April 30, 2012


My baby has been having a rough time with teething. She does pretty well during the day, but we have been having A LOT of night waking. I feel like a walking zombie, and have for the past few weeks. I feel so bad for her when she wakes up in pain and try my best to comfort her the best I can. We have done Hyland's teething tablets and they seem to help her get her naps in during the day but do not do much at night. I am one of those moms who HATE to medicate unless absolutely necessary. I feel like its not fair to her tiny body, so we have only gone the Tylenol route once or twice.

She finally has the two bottom teeth in pretty far, and it is the cutest thing. It is so hard to get used to. It makes her look so big and makes this mommy a little sad.

She loves the tooth brush and I am trying my best to make this part of our nightly routine. Neither my husband or myself have great teeth so this is very important for little miss.

Are there any other remedies that you have tried and that have actually helped your little ones with teething?


  1. My little one is also teething and in fact there are two bottom teeth coming in. Definitely a messy event as they keep drooling and everything, but I just let her chew on her teether or either a piece of clean cloth. I have not used a gel for her so far and she does okay. She sleeps good at night and during naps. There are times though that she gets really fussy due to her teeth, but glad it does not happen often. She chews on her soft spoon while feeding so I have to have two on hand. hehehe... :) Cute little one again!

  2. Oh you got so lucky with the sleep! We lucked out and she does not have the drool issue, but bed time is not so fun.