Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Tires! I had a flat a few weeks ago and have been driving around with the spare. I was hoping that nothing went wrong with any of the others before I could get them all replace. They were BALD! Finally Tuesday my wonderful husband took them and got 4 new tires put of. It is a load off my shoulders.

2) Once again I am just grateful for what a wonderful husband I have. He does anything I need and is a wonderful daddy. I know Little Miss will always be able to count on him when she needs something, just as I can.

3) Not having cable anymore. This seems weird because we always seemed to have the TV on, but now we are enjoying a lot more wholesome family movies. We have been adding movies to Little Miss's collection and have been enjoying things like The Lion King. The husband had never seen it and always made fun of me for saying how good he was, but he enjoyed it. We have been using Red Box a lot as well, and love the connivance of it. We also subscribe to NetFlix because their selection of children's programing is GREAT! The TV has been off the majority of the day now and we usually only turn it on during our resting bottle time, and after dinner we watch something as a family.

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