Monday, January 28, 2013

Tot School Day 1

I am linking up with 1+1+1=1 today for my first day of tot school with Little Miss! 

Today I started tot school with Little Miss. I just planned a few activities for us to do together and she really enjoyed this time. I planned for our first week to be themed towards farm animals. She is really into learning all the animal sounds right now so I thought this would be perfect.

We started the morning by reading two farm themed books.


I told her it was time for school and showed her how to sit cross cross apple sauce on the rug. She was so excited and listened so well to the stories. She loves the Baby MacDonald on the farm because it is a touch and feel book. She also knows all the sounds to the animals inside. She brings me this book a lot to read so I knew it would be a hit for our first day.

After we read I pulled up some farm themed songs on YouTube. We sang Old MacDonald, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jack and Jill, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. she loved dancing to the music. In fact this is how she choose to dance to one of the songs:
She is so silly.
I let her play with a farm themed sensory bin while I set up for a craft. She didn't know what to think about it because she had never done a sensory bin before. She spent a lot of time taking the oats out of the bin and putting them on the floor.
Our gluing craft was a little challenging for her, because she does not like when things stick to her fingers. She enjoyed it for the first two pieces and then wanted to be done.

The biggest hit of the day was the markers. She was pointing to them the whole time we were gluing.
We finished our first day of tot school by making pigs in a blanket for lunch. She was just trying to steal all the cheese. :)
I am very excited to be starting this little adventure with her. I look forward to seeing her grow and learn, and just look forward to the special time together.

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  1. Congratulations on your first day of fun! I absolutely love teaching my little one is such fun to see the light in her eyes when she discovers something new. Have lots of fun, take lots of pictures!
    Leah @