Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best friends for life

Growing up I didn't have any family members around my age. My mother had me at a young age, so I had no cousins around my age or brothers or sisters. shortly after having me, my mother developed a brain tumor and become disabled so my grandmother took over the responsibility of me. I was raised with my aunts and uncle being my brother and sisters. However the youngest was 10 years older than me so there was quite an age gap. 

I am very happy that my daughter will not have to have this problem. Shortly before I found out I was pregnant, my "sister" announced that she was. When I found out I was expecting we were very excited that our children would grow up together. About 8 weeks after announcing that I was pregnant, my "brothers" wife announced they were expecting. It was very funny and exciting.

Now all the babies are here and starting their bonding. My daughter is so lucky to have her cousins so close in age. They are sure to be best friends for life.


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