Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Personality

I love seeing Little Miss grow and develop her own personality and boy oh boy does she have a personality. She is kooky, silly, funny, and sassy all rolled into one. She is constantly making silly faces and she just lights up the room with her smile. She thinks she is hilarious when she throws up on you or pulls your hair. If you do something that she does not like she will jabber on for what seems like forever letting you know that you made her mad. It is so funny to listen to her complain because she just gives you the most serious look and has such a complaining tone when she is jabbering. She already knows how to fake cry and it is so funny when she wants to but you are making her laugh and she doesn't know which to do. She is daddy's best friend if mommy is in the other room, but the minute she sees me she looks at him and tries to make a whine so she can come back to me. She already wants to crawl so bad so I know once she actually becomes mobile I am going to have my hands full. She is a little spitfire already but we love watching her, she lights up our days.

These pictures show her personality so well. I love them.

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