Thursday, December 8, 2011

Priavate Selections Review

I was recently given the opportunity to join the Private Selections Campaign over at Bzzagent. Bzzagent is a great program where consumers get the opportunity to try great products in exchange for word of mouth sharing. If you haven't ever checked them out head over to their website now!

In our home frozen pizza is a staple food. We use it for dinners on busy nights, for lunches, and just for a quick snack. My husband loves it and makes sure to put it on my grocery list every two weeks. We were both pretty excited to be able to try a new brand of pizza. We usually stick to one brand, and haven't ever ventured out to try anything else.

Bzzagent and Private selections sent me a coupon for a pizza, appetizer, and dessert of my choice, as well as an awesome little oven mitt.

For our pizza we selected the  Pepperoni and roasted garlic. There were not too many other options that sparked any interest. The pizza is package in a very nice box, and looks rather fancy. The price is around $5 which was not too bad for the quality of the pizza. It was on the smaller end ( maybe could serve 3), but the taste was actually very good. The garlic made the pizza have a bit of a pizazz to it and it did not taste like a boxed frozen pizza. It reminded me of the local Italian restaurants pizza. The crust is very thin, and I usually do not like thin crust pizza but this one was very enjoyable.

For our appetizer we selected the Southwest Style Chicken Trumpets. The box made these things look amazing! However I was a bit disappointed. They were very bland. They cost about 6 or 7 dollars. In my opinion they are not worth the price. You only get about 8 in a package and for the quality they were not worth it. 

The selection of the Private Selections desserts was much better than the pizza and appetizer selections. There was much more to choose from. we ended up settling on the Cream Puffs. They were priced at about $4. Once again the box mad them look terrific. They were not bad, and for the price I would say they are a good quality dessert. There were quite a few cream puffs in the package and were were able to take some out and seal the bag to enjoy more later. We probably will be buying these again when we have company over because they were so reasonably priced.

Overall Private Selection is a good option for a quick dinner. All except the appetizers are reasonably priced, and have great quality taste. 


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